PTSD and Me

Living with PTSD


A feeling of being unwell all of the time.


Feelings of impending doom and a brain that cant sleep and cant see things logically.


Wanting to die in your sleep so as you can rest your thoughts.


Waking up screaming,covered in sweat and not being able to control your thoughts.


A feeling of guilt and sadness for who you've lost in battle.


Not being able to explain to anyone as they really can't understand why you are like you are.


Being a failure in your own mind.


People will tell you different but until you have these thoughts you wouldn't understand even with the best reasoning it just doesn't add up in a normal thought pattern.

You can't start to understand how much angling with people of the same ilk has changed my outlook on life.

Theres no need to answer questions as everyone around you has a silent agreement that you'll talk when you need to.


Without that bond and the mental offload I have had with Blue Light I honestly don't think I'd still be alive.


Thats all from my mixed up mind,I hope it helps someone who's feeling the same.There is light at the end of the tunnel,it just happens to be Blue.



                                                                           Its ok not to be okay