We are a group of anglers from various backgrounds with one common aspect which is the love of angling.

We all acknowledged that whilst out angling that it brought peace of mind and a calmness over each and ever one of us, it left us with a sense of wellbeing and a calm, settled mind.

We all have stresses in life be that work or homelife and with that in our thoughts we started discussing what job roles out there come under the most stress and through the discussion we all agreed it was the Blue Light services and Armed Forces.

Thats why we have formed this non profit charity to run an angling project over all disciplines of angling from coarse to carp, rivers to predator.

We have all experienced Anxiety, Stress and other pressures that affect us, our family and friends on a daily basis and have first hand experience of the benefits of angling on the wellbeing and mindfulness of people who participate in the hobby of fishing.

The blue light services and Armed Forces give so much to the communities and are selfless in their approach to helping others, We want to show the same approach to help and support their wellbeing and mindfulness